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Grow Food Anywhere
Grow Food Anywhere
Grow Food Anywhere

Grow Food Anywhere

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Grow.Food.Anywhere (GFA) is our 5th book and one that redefines what it means to grow food in small spaces.

Edible gardening has changed considerably since we started the business nearly 10 years ago, and GFA looks at the contemporary styles of gardening that makes it possible for the aspiring, small space, time poor person to grow their own edible paradise.

New systems such as wicking beds, aquaponics and hydroponics are covered, as are more traditional styles of raised garden beds, in-ground planting, and of course, planting in pots. 

The book is broken into three distinct chapters

1. What Plants Need (Soil, Light and Water; Infrastructure; Planting and Harvesting styles)

2. Fruit and Veg to Grow (more than 70 varieties of fruit and vegetable across all the climatic zones in Australia and NZ; a completely new design makes interpreting the plant maintenance and watering an ease)

3. Pest and Disease to Know (25 Pest and Disease; identifying them according to their appearance and damage they cause, and then how to cope, treat and eradicate them organically)

We want growing food to be a new religion and for this to be your bible (or so said the Kohl Rabbi).

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