Cotton Straw Pouch and Brush

Cotton Straw Pouch and Brush
Cotton Straw Pouch and Brush

Cotton Straw Pouch and Brush

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Introducing the Activated Eco Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag with Straw Cleaning Brush—a convenient and eco-friendly solution for carrying your reusable straws on the go!

Key Features:

  • Measures 265mm x 60mm, providing ample space for storing up to 20 straws (depending on the type).
  • Versatile pouch can also be used for storing other items, such as utensils or makeup brushes.
  • Includes an excellent cleaning brush designed specifically for cleaning eco-friendly straws, ensuring proper hygiene and reuse.
  • The cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning various drink container parts, thermomixer blades, and other kitchen items.
  • Made from organic cotton, this drawstring bag is durable, sustainable, and gentle on the environment.

Take your commitment to sustainability wherever you go by carrying your reusable straws in this handy cotton drawstring pouch. Keep your straws clean and organized while reducing single-use plastic waste. Make the switch to eco-friendly living with Activated Eco!

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