RPET Mesh Produce Bags

RPET Mesh Produce Bags
RPET Mesh Produce Bags
RPET Mesh Produce Bags
RPET Mesh Produce Bags

RPET Mesh Produce Bags

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Carry these handy packs of produce bags and you'll never need to use plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables.

Though they seem small and light, plastic bags have a much larger environmental footprint than you may imagine, beginning with the amount of energy required to make them. 

Unlike plastic bags, reusable bags are unlikely to ever tear or break. The high quality material means your precious fruit and vegetable purchases are more likely to survive the trip undamaged. Leaks are less likely to be a problem with reusable bags too.

The features of our R-Pet Mesh Produce Bags
Strong and durable - each bag can easily hold 2 kilograms
Vegan friendly
Super light weight
Convenient - bags are stored in a handy pouch

rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) comes from plastic that has already been used for packaging, such plastic bottles. This plastic is sorted, cleaned and transformed so that it can be reused and turned into a new product. Therefore the bottles you recycle get a second life by being turned into new rPET products.

Each set of 8 produce bags uses roughly 5 plastic bottles to make
Each set of 5 produce bags uses roughly 3 plastic bottles to make

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