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Mask Brush

Mask Brush

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Woohoo Mask Brush

Use this salon quality vegan mask brush with either of our divine Pink Clay Masks (the Pig In Mud, or the Mud About You). It makes mask application quick, easy, and mess-free, and the luxuriously soft bristles make you feel as if you're in a day spa.

How To Use

Mix equal parts of dry mask and water (see the pro tip below for more mixing options) in a small bowl or your palm (about 1 tsp of each).

Smooth over clean face, using your mask applicator brush or your fingers. Wait until the mask is dry or 10 minutes (whichever is first - start with 5 minutes for sensitive skin) and gently wash off with a warm cloth, pat your skin dry, spritz your tonic and apply the Serum and/or Moisturiser of your choice.

Adjust the mask-to-water ratio to find your ideal consistency (thin tends to work best). Use 1 to 2 times per week.

Patch test before use. External use only.

To keep your mask brush clean you should wash it in warm soapy water or bicarb soda after each use and let it dry in the open air. Ideally you could put it in the sun to ward off nasty bacteria.

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