Kohl Rabi ‘Purple’

Kohl Rabi ‘Purple’
Kohl Rabi ‘Purple’

Kohl Rabi ‘Purple’

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Kohl Rabi ‘Purple’ Heirloom Seeds

In German, kohlrabi means “cabbage turnip,” referring to the fact that it is in the cabbage family but forms an edible turnip-like bulb just above the soil line. Not truly a bulb, it is an expanded stem, and looks like it house aliens that have flown it in from out of space. Nutritious and cold hardy, a must grow, though most Germans would disagree.

When to plant:
Zone 1: August – February         
Zone 2: July – March     
Zone 3: February – September      
Zone 4: March – May   

Companion Plant: Helps fruit trees        

Approximate no. of Seeds: 80 - 100    

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