Planting Charts
Planting Charts
Planting Charts
Planting Charts
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Planting Calendar (A2 420 x 594 mm)

Covering more than 70 varieties of fruit, herb and vegetable, this planting calendar gives you what to plant (when) across the four distinct climatic zones of Australia and New Zealand.

Alphabetically listed, and broken across the 12 months of the year, this planting calendar is easy to reference and will have you growing food anywhere.


Planting Calendars Climate Specific

NEW & IMPROVED! Our planting calendars provide climate specific information of not only when to plant, but how to plant; whether from seed or seedling, bare rooted or potted fruit tree, crown or cutting, or perhaps it's time to propagate. 

Companion Planting Chart (A2 420 x 594 mm)

The Little Veggie Patch Co's Companion Planting A2 Poster lets you know all the friends and foes in the patch, so you can chose what to plant where.


Pest & Disease 

Covering 24 of the most persistent and damaging pest & disease - from aphids, to possums and white cabbage moth - this chart helps to identify and then treat pest and disease in the veggie patch. 

For each pest or disease type you will find its identifying signature plus methods on how to prevent, cope and then eradicate it. There is also a section on making natural home remedies that can be used to treat any problems that arise.

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